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Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Challenge 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Women & Men Are Invited
Space is Limited

$40 per person (Includes $20 donation to Dress For Success, $15 Campsite Fee, $5 Administrative Fee)
Book your own hotel at the South Rim
Book your own shuttle seat from South to North Rim
(Details and advice  about how to book these are provided below.)

Hiking the 24 miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim all in one day is an epic bucket list challenge that we are going to conquer together!

On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, you and several other indomitable individuals will day hike -- all in one day -- the 24.3 miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim.  We will begin hiking at 4:00am and hopefully finish before dark. You will first descend 14 miles and 6,000 ft elevation. You will traverse a relatively flat 3 miles at the Colorado River through sandy trail and 110 to 120 degree heat. Then you will ascend an unrelenting 8 miles and 4,500 feet to Grand Canyon Village where you will be greeted with restaurant food (if you make it out at a reasonable hour).  If this plan excites rather than repels you, you are a kick-ass person who will knock out this challenge and wear the t-shirt to prove it!


 Wild Women Members


Who Is Invited To Participate

All adults are invited to participate! There is space for 24 people and 8 cars at the campground. Both men and women are welcome.

Dress For Success

This is an empowering challenge that we will do to empower ourselves, each other and the women who benefit from the organization Dress For Success. $20 of your registration fee will go directly to Dress For Success Worldwide West (based in Los Angeles). Dress For Success provides interview clothing and training to women so that they may achieve their professional goals. Can you imagine wanting a job that you are qualified for, booking an interview, but lacking the appropriate wardrobe or interview skills to make a good impression? Dress For Success gives women these tools so such superficialities will not prevent them from reaching their potential. We will hike for ourselves and we will hike for all women who have the will to succeed.

The Itinerary

Friday, May 18th Arrive at Grand Canyon North Rim Campground. Camp overnight then leave your camping gear there while you hike across the canyon (still set up or packed away in a car) for your return on Sunday. Campsite reservations are already made and your registration with this challenge includes a spot for you for the 3 nights. There is a camp store, a cafe and shower on or near the North Rim Campground as well as running water and bathrooms. Store and showers close at 8pm.

Saturday, May 19th 4:00am Hike across the Grand Canyon. The hike takes 12-20 hours, depending on how often you stop and how quickly you hike. Sleep in a hotel or campsite in or near Grand Canyon Village.

Sunday, May 20th Ride a shuttle from South Rim to North Rim Campground (takes about 5 hours), Camp at North Rim Campground. Sleep at the North Rim Campground.

Monday, May 21st Travel home or to wherever your adventure leads you.

The Hike

The hike will begin at the North Kaibab Trailhead which starts at 8,241 ft (2,512 m) elevation. That trail will descend 14 miles to Phantom Ranch Canteen where you can buy snacks and cold drinks and refill your water.  You can reserve a sack lunch to be ready for your at Phantom Ranch for $14.50. (More info about Phantom Ranch and how to reserve...) This is a great place to stop and refresh yourself before beginning the most difficult and hottest part of the hike. A charming detail about Phantom Ranch is you can purchase a postcard there and then place it in the mule mailbox. Your postcard will be delivered by mule out of the canyon to a post office on the rim. It will be stamped with a mule mail ink mark. This is a fun souvenir.

Phantom Ranch Canteen menu board

At Phantom Ranch the heat and elevation gain will begin. From there you will cross the Colorado River and begin the ascent up the Bright Angel Trail. A shorter option to attain the South Rim is the South Kaibab Trail, BUT there is no water available anywhere between the Colorado River and the South Rim along the South Kaibab Trail. For that reason we opt for the the longer, but more gradual ascent of the Bright Angel Trail with its periodic opportunities to refill water. 

The hike up the Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim trailhead is 9.5 miles and 4,380 ft (1335 m) elevation gain. It will take 6 to 10 hours to ascend.

Carry 3 liters of water and bring a water filter or water purification system to guarantee you will always have water on this hike. There is seasonal water between North Kaibab Trailhed and the Colorado River at mile points: 1.7, 4.7, 6.1, and year-round water at Phantom Ranch/Bright Angel Campground. On the hike from Colorado River to Bright Angel Trailhead at the South Rim there is year-round water at Indian Garden, which is 4.7 miles up from Colorado River, then seasonal water another 1.7 miles up at 3-Mile Resthouse, then up another 1.5 miles at the 1.5 Mile Resthouse.

Mules will pass you on the Bright Angel Trail. There are some safety rules you should follow when they pass: Stand on the uphill side of the trail and be quiet. Mules tend to hug the downhill side of the trail. If you are standing on the downhill side of a cliff, the mules won't think twice about pushing you over the edge. Also, be quiet so you do not startle them. 

Again, the full Rim To Rim hike will take 12 to 20 hours depending on how quickly you hike or how often you stop.

Will We Stay Together As A Group?

We WILL NOT all stay together as a group because people hike at various paces and will make independent choices about when to stop or take small scenic detours. ALSO, this group has no leader. You are 100% responsible for being prepared for this hike, planning your water stops, bringing your supplies, and finishing the hike safely.  Even though the group will not hike as a whole unit, it is very likely that, even if you show up to this hike alone, you will end up hiking with one or more of the people from our group, so don't worry too much about that. There will be a nice community feel about the experience and you will certainly meet someone who hikes at your pace. Most people prefer to hike with others so natural hiking pods will form.

What Happens At The Top?

On Saturday night, eat dinner and sleep. There are a variety of restaurants and hotels available at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Book overnight accommodations at the South Rim NOW . Rooms go fast and are already very hard to come by. (See Lodging information below.)

On Sunday, May 20th you will shuttle from the South Rim back to the North Rim. Book a seat on Trans Canyon Shuttle asap. There are two travel times: 8:00 am and 1:30 pm. The ride will be 4 1/2 hours with a couple of stops for snacks and bathroom along the way. It is $90 one way. To book a seat call (928) 638-2820 or book online at


Book your lodging NOW! This is extremely important. Rooms are going fast!

There are a variety of restaurants and hotels available at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Book overnight accommodations at the South Rim NOW .

 Look at these websites for available accommodations:

Because of the shortage of lodging options at the South Rim, we are definitely going to have to coordinate roommates (even better if you and a buddy will share a King Size bed). There are still many campsites available at Mather Campground near Grand Canyon Village and has some listings that will provide you will all your camping gear for a very reasonable rental price, plus you can arrange for the host to set the gear up for you at your campsite for a small fee (like $20). 

 Avoid booking lodging outside the park boundary in the town of Valle (about 30 miles south) unless you and the host (Airbnb, hotel, etc) can arrange transportation because no taxi or shuttle that serves Grand Canyon Village is available to transport you to that location.

Taxi service within Grand Canyon National Park boundary will go as far as the airport and is available 24 hours a day. Call (928) 638-2822 or (928) 638-2631. 

Almost all amenities are available on foot at Grand Canyon Village. There is also free bus transportation within the park boundaries to lodges and campgrounds.

There are $2 8-minute showers available at Mather Campground.


You will need to drive or carpool to the Grand Canyon North Rim. (Carpools can be arranged through our Chat Group.)

To return to the North Rim on Sunday, May 20th, book a seat on Trans Canyon Shuttle asap. There are two travel times: 8:00 am and 1:30 pm. The ride will be 4 1/2 hours with a couple of stops for snacks and bathroom along the way. It is $90 one way. To book a seat call (928) 638-2820 or book online at

Will I Succeed?

You must train!

It is a 24 mile trek with about 4,000 ft elevation change on one side and 6,000 ft on the other.  Over the course of the day the temperature can swing from 40º to 120º.  There’s a three mile stretch in the hottest part of the canyon where the trail is soft sand. It is a beast of a trail. You need to condition your cardiovascular stamina as well as your heat tolerance while exercising. Here are the Top 3 Training Tips For Rim To Rim Grand Canyon: We will also organize a series of local weekend training hikes where members of this challenge can get together to hike. 

In 2015 a group of us hiked the Rim To Rim, several were members of Wild Women Hiking. The group was organized and lead by Sierra Lawe of Outdoor Women Southern California. She has graciously agreed to help support this year's hike as well. Here is a link to the success video of that amazing experience. Let it inspire you.

Training Hikes

We will schedule a series of community training hikes near Los Angeles where members of the Rim To Rim Challenge can meet up and hike challenging trails together. There will be no official "leader" of these hikes, but hike descriptions, trailhead directions, and times will be coordinated on our schedule and you will be able to RSVP for the adventure. Check the schedule for Rim To Rim Training Hikes

If you would like to do targeted training for the Rim To Rim Challenge that option is available too. March through mid-May Angeline (Wild Woman Adventure Guide) will offer semi-private weekly training that will include:  interval cardio conditioning on "upside-down hikes" that will strengthen your cardiovascular stamina and turn you into a hiking machine.  More information about this will be available closer to Spring. (But don't wait until then to start conditioning on your own!)

What Should I Bring?

At the North Rim Campground you will need all of your camping gear. There are a few stores and a cafe where you can purchase food, or bring your own. offers a page full of very good advice about what to bring on the Rim To Rim hike. Read the full text at, but here are the top tips summarized:

  • Great trail shoes and/or lightweight hiking boots and wicking socks (no cotton socks!) Break your shoes or boots in on your training hikes, don't wear new shoes to the canyon unless you are in love with blisters.
  • Backpack/Hydration Pack to carry food, money, spare clothes and 3 liters of water.
  • Proper clothing. You will begin the hike in 40 degrees. By midday the temperature will rise to over 100 (maybe 120) degrees. You will need to wear layers and possibly bring a spare pair of socks and an extra shirt.
  • Hat or Bandana and Sunglasses.
  • Water: Carry 3 liters of water and fill up at all stops in case the pipes are broken at one of the water stations. Carry a water filter or a water purification system. Broken pipes are common in the Grand Canyon and that can cause contaminated water. Call the Backcountry Information Center at 928-638-7875 before you head out for updates on pipeline repairs.
  • Food: Bring salty snacks, protein, carbs, and electrolyte or salt tablets for your water.
  • First Aid Kit should include treatment for blisters and chafing.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm.
  • Toiletries for overnight stay at the South Rim (Here's a hot tip: Fedex a change of clothes and toiletries to your hotel so fresh things will be waiting for you upon arrival.
  • Flashlight or Headlamp will be necessary at the start since the hike begins in darkess. It is also a safety item you should have in case you are still hiking after dark. Bring spare batteries.13.  It is a good idea to have waterproof bag or two (small ziploc bag will work = over a wallet) and/or a waterproof case with you for your keys, cell phone, $ (for phantom ranch and a credit card/ID) , etc. as you are hiking near and over water as well it can rain at any time.
  • Map

Staying In Touch and Training With Other Hikers

Once you RSVP for the Rim To Rim Challenge you will have access to the Chat room on this website. That is where you can post questions, discuss logistics, arrange carpools, roommates, training hikes. The chat room can be accessed by logging into the website with your email address and password, then click on Chat in the menu.

One Final Question

Do you accept the 2018 Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Challenge?


 Wild Women Members


By attending this event you acknowledge that your participation is entirely voluntary and that you possess complete understanding of the risks involved in participating and engaging in connection with activities with Hidden Treasure Trex ("Wild Women Hiking"), including but not limited to risks of property damage or loss of property and risks of physical injury and/or death, whether occurring during or around hikes, activities, or in connection with any hike-related activities.
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