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Hollywood Sign

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You can stand right behind the letters of this iconic landmark and see all of Hollywood from a bird's eye view. ​ Choose from two different approaches, both are pretty steep because, you know, the sign is on top of a mountain! ​ Approach 1: 3.5 miles up a rustic trail that gives you panoramic view of Los Angeles and the valleys from atop two peaks. Elevation gain is 875 ft. ​ Approach 2: 4.6 miles of dirt and paved road that keeps the Hollywood Sign in view most of the time as a tantalizing goal. Elevation gain is 750 ft. ​ Approximate time: 3 hours ​ TWO PERSON MINIMUM: $25/person ​INCLUDES: Guided hike, snacks and water. "WILD ADVENTURER" Members of Wild Women Hiking: $20/Person - NO TWO-PERSON MINIMUM Contact to book your date Important Information: Email Angeline to book your date. Prepare to hike 3 to 5 athletic miles on uneven terrain. Bring sun protection. MUST WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES to participate. Bring backpack. Must sign Liability Waiver to be provided.
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